Passionate movie making

What we do


Most of our passion goes into writing, producing, shooting and finishing fiction movies.

Contact us if you are interested in participating as an actor, writer, producer, or any other movie making professsion.

Equipment rental

We are lending our Equipment for reasonable prices to other passionate filmmakers.

Contact us for availability and price list.

Commercial Videos

To finance our passionate projects we deliver professional commercial videos.

If you need image videos, event documentation, interviews etc. contact us.


Nick and June

Donau Auen

Shorts for Donau Auen

Nick and June

Nick and June

Concert in Dialog im Dunklen

Neubaugasse 13A double-decker


Double-decker bus returnes to Neubaugasse



Portfolio video for SE2

Juke Swing band

Schönbrunn in the second World War

Three part Interview with the historian of Tiergarten Schönbrunn.

Juke Swing band

The Juke Swing Band

Promovideo of The Juke Swing Band.

Neubaugassen Flohmarkt

Short video about the famous flea market in the viennese Neubaugasse.

The time has come

Setsuko Thurlow speaks at the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons in Vienna.

Die Happy

Akustik Tour 6.10.2014 im Wiener Porgy & Bess - Viennergy Yellowsound Special

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If you want to join us at a project, lend some equipment or ask anything, just send us a message.